Discipline is a bank of wealth. It is a common badge seen on the chest of every successful man. It is the signature of wealth in the life of the rich, the signature of priceless value in the life of men with great relevance, and it is the signature of greatness in the life of the prosperous man. Around the table of wisdom, discipline is the chair on which the wise sit. Discipline is a bank – and to own an account in this bank requires wisdom; because the nationality of wisdom is discipline.

For a man’s life to count, he indeed must have a discipline account. Discipline is a life of worth. Discipline is gold; and a man discipled by discipline never fails the test of wealth. For he shall not lack gold nor have poverty in his life named the day his story be told.
Discipline is the suitable environment where the viable seeds of hard work and of vision a man cultivates are sure to grow. Discipline turns a piece of peace in the life of the spiritual man into a field of peace. Indeed, discipline is a great tool to possess.

Discipline is not a story to be told, but a truth to be sold and a life to be learnt. It is a precious virtue that bear fruits that do not rot. The absence of discipline is like the absence of light. Thus, its absence in the life of a man replicates the exact effects of darkness, and casts blindness even upon the seeing eyes. In the absence of discipline, chaos ruins development, and order is crippled only for evil and confusion to be tripled.
To be disciplined is to live a life that is organized per a set of functional result yielding principles that thrives on the basis of defined visions which in turn fuels your purpose and satisfies your needs.

Discipline is a mindset that maximizes the output of the substance of a man’s character. It is also a developed habit (character) that maximizes the efficiency of the mind, and productivity of a man. It acts as a mental drive that serves as a stimulant to push one through the walls of thinking unto an intellectual breakthrough.
Where there is discipline, our minds receive energy and are equipped with power to generate powerful thoughts and imaginations that are strong enough to conquer certain barriers of and in human intelligence. It is indeed a prudent choice to learn to be disciplined. For a growth in discipline, grows your worth. And the percentage of your growth in worth, manifests as the percentage of your growth in wealth. Doubtless!! Discipline is gold.

The price of the outputs of talents, gifts and skills double when a man pays the price of being discipline.
Wisdom looks attractive, when discipline is its garment. Energy achieves more, when discipline regulates its flow. Life is beautiful, when it is decorated with elements of discipline. Love is a sweet road to travel on, when discipline is what read the rules of a relationship. Time becomes a good friend, when discipline becomes your best friend. If loyalty is gold, discipline is what gives it the market.

Time smiles at our inputs and positions us for men to applaud, purchase and market our outputs, when we allow discipline to walk us through time and guide us in our various activities. Certainly, discipline is gold.
Discipline is charamental machinery that generates the kind of sanity that restores sanctity. It is a springboard that flies you into prosperity. The skeletal framework that holds the flesh of integrity as a defined-regular-solid figure is discipline.
In the language of high ranked men of wisdom, discipline is the advantage to them at the bottom to rise to the top, and a weight to them at the top to maintain their stand at the top.

It is the fighting tool for the poor to rise, and a tool to the rich to maintain their achieved heights.
Discipline is like salt: in him whose life it is present, the substances of his life are preserved and kept from rot. Where there is discipline, the golds buried in hard work are easily mined, the monies in talents are finely fetched, and the eggs of success hatch to give us poultry (and chicken) out of our reared visions.
Truly, discipline is real worth with lots of wealth. Discipline is gold, and this fact is the reality that must be told.


The dryness of loneliness dwells with and springs from injurious relationships, and breaking bonds of love than with singleness. Life has so many angles our tools and intelligence cannot draw or rightly map out. If this truth is not properly understood, you’ll seek to part ways with your single life, only to fight back for it someday.

Life has several depths and heights of unlimited solid dimensions that lands even the man with the greatest understanding in a pool of confusion. Especially, matters of the heart.
Sometimes, we wish we were. And after a while we wish we never were. Sometimes we pray to become one thing, and at a point we wish we could “unpray” and “unbecome” what we became. This is a true tale for many.

I wish I were single and never rushed to mingle. I wish I could rewind, pause, edit and replay life: for my love life which looked like a love race yesterday has become unto me a DEATH RACE today. My heart is now in a NEED FOR SPEED to survive this DEATH RACE that I only thought and wrongfully imagined was a hundred percent (100%) of FIFTY SHADES. I wish I were single and enjoyed the bells that jingles.

If I had known this truth that I brushed off as hard to be known, I wouldn’t have exposed my pocket for a MONEY HEIST. Rather, I would have used the content of my pocket as fuel to fill the engine of my destiny, and set it for a flight into space like a rocket. Today as I speak, my entire life is in a mess, and I don’t know what to do: whether I should play the song – YESTERDAY IS GONE, ANOTHER HAS COME. And pray to the God of new beginnings to do something new in my life.

Or simply consult Komfo Anokye, even though the end shall be suffering from the hands of the Amokye (demons in hell according to the Akans). Sometimes, I feel I need to invite SHERLOCK HOLMES into my “shitty city” of love turned upside-down to get this mess cleaned up.
I wish I never fell in love because this love never made me laugh.

I guess if I truly wanted to laugh, I would have been HOME ALONE watching the THREE IDIOTS so that this thing called “soul matching” and love wouldn’t have landed me INTO THE BAD LANDS of ACRIMONY. Well, this is my little testimony, a true feeling and a reality that almost killed me; so, brethren, believe me. For now, I feel I’M A SLAVE and was BORN TO SUFFER.

Of a truth, I’m in a dying need for a ZION TRAIN to take me far from this pain – the pain of realizing the LIFE OF LIES and the pain resulting from the horror of having to face a broken heart in my little cold-dark world.
If you are single, enjoy it enough and use it as a platform to build yourself, establish a good foundation for a future relationship, and create the life of joy needed for the long love-life you salivate in your head for in the lens of future plans. Don’t wait to a point where you would wish you were single again in the view of reclaiming the past, and reliving it in a better way. For as the saying goes, “had I known, is always at last”.


The world shall this day understand my saying, “Love is an emotional machinery that gives off the heat of hot romance, and that starts the sparks that lights up the lamp of good sex.” The world will partly experience, why my heartbeat is sang as songs on your lips every day. They will partly see, why the power-language of my waist is the tongues you speak by your mouth.
Now, let the game begin.

Today is a cold day; a day love must be served hot, a day the bed must be kept warm. The heat of our bodies must sweep away the coldness of this day. My manhood shall build its muscles in your sweet gym of endless pleasure puzzles. Oh yes! Allow my manhood to tour the holy neighborhoods of your lovely womanhood. Give way to my tongue, and let me taste the saccharinity of your sugar-factory till my soul becomes diabetic with the pleasures that take away my sanity.

Today, love takes a “roll call” – a call that is a “red love language” to all, yes! To all genuine lovers to ensure they’ve all got their sexual IDs safe in their “flesh-connecting halls”, where they play love balls and swing up-and-down on each other like a see-saw. Let us celebrate our romantic friendship and engage in some heat exchanging “bedmatics” in ways so dynamic. Let us be high on our love fellowship today, till we feel so high, oh yes! As high like the “Most High”.

In order to enjoy our membership in our love registered relationship without the fear of expiry, we shall play within the space of the divine order, and per the prescription of God’s kind of description for a viable companionship.

Nevertheless, in order to enjoy our membership in our love registered relationship without the fear of expiry, we shall play within the space of the divine order, and per the prescription of God’s kind of description for a viable companionship.
This twenty-four hours shall be full of the release of nuclear-powered sexual powers. I hear the choir of romancers singing songs and melodious tunes of the bed, accompanied by backing sounds known as the “barking from the bedside” from the congregation of two: the red mortar queen, and the hard pistil king. Hahaha! If you know, you know.

So, my truest friend and my ideal bond pair, my heartbeat and my body “chopper”, open the gates to your inner gardens proper, and let me irrigate your flower with the waters of my underground mucus. As for tonight, we shall cross every border and shut our ears to every bother. We shall dwell in a place of affection that is far from the reach of any brother, and pray off any infection that causes separation and depression.

Let the “God” of my Jerusalem bring down the walls of your Jericho till you COME, COME and COME again in this war game. Serve me with your underground recipe till my body feels through my soul that my heart rests in peace. This one thing this day I ask, that, till I COME up and CALM down, DON’T LEAVE ME. Touch me and let me feel the high temperatures of your body as electrical pleasures.

Use me till I feel useless (emptied of energy), and make me wet with the sweet waters flowing from your sacred temple till my linear biodynamic industrial apparatus that produces countless baby inks, generate enough inks to sign the signature of the entire population of the earth.
Today is our day, my sacred treasure. So, occupy my mouth with your “chest bombs” till I explode with indescribable pleasures like an atomic bomb. The energy for the activities of bedegy shall equal a thousand horsepower and a million manpower every passing busy hour.

I tell you, after this experience of me spreading my butter in your bread, your bodily sweat alone can water an entire desert and birth out of it a rainforest. Honestly speaking, this is just a tip of the eyes burg. That’s why I ask, “Honey, be my Valentine”.


Arise! Oh! Africa. Beat the drums of truth and life. Keep your own like and mother and her children. Shield your own like the mother hen covers her chicks from the hungry hawks.

Arise! Oh! all ye black men and sound the trumpets for battle to get the warriors set for war: lest the fishes of our nations end up in foreign nets.

Hoist the flags of your countless victories, and remind yourselves that you are born to host victory
Strike the drums and prophecy your future to yourselves.

Light up the flames of hope with the fuel of your sweats and heat up yourselves with the warmth to possess your crying dignity in the mouth of toothless foxes oh! ye lions of a race.

Take over the market places and burn down stores of concepts and treatments the quench the blazing traces of your race
Hit the drums to the create mental oceans to drown the blames that has long made you lame.

Cut off the hands and shot right into the heads that works to stripe you off of your aims that disconnects from the unblack skins aid.

Where are ye oh! ye skillful drummers, who drum Africa out the spell of foreign songs and who quench the songs of her exile with melodies that our ancestors, calved into the instruments of vision?

Where are the trumpeters who carry the horns of beasts and flutes? Sound them all in the black code sequence to keep mother Africa AWAKE, ALERT and ALIVE.

Where are the night watchers of Africa who are our eyes in darkness, and who are our eyes in the sockets of men with the alien skin?

Open your eyes wider as Jah’s light in this darkness of the todays so bright shine.
Arise! Oh! Africa. Don’t rest until the blood of Africans shed and spread across the earth’s face is recompensed duly and truly.

Let the lion jaws of our war instruments roar, that our heartbeats follow the rhythms of winning and tunes of victory.
Let the tongues of our choir of weapons of war sing thunderously to command actions,

lubricate our destinies and provoke our fulfillment agents into position to take down every opposition.
For the Kingdom of Africa must expand, and she must advance.

Her men must develop, and her women must flourish. Her children must be covered with splendor, royalty and excellence.
She must rule the world of the men, and decide their pockets.

She must define the content of the world’s stomach, and she must conquer it.
Let her arise therefore and make a statement. Let her arise, and never stop rising. Arise! Oh! Africa.


Walking in the streets in the quest to lay hold on rest through this life of hustle has always been a great tussle.
My daily journey through the street corners every morning to give the containers of the feet of men some restored glory has never been so soft a story.
I have been called several names and played with as though I were one of people’s many games.

In one town I was nicknamed the President of Ruined Shoes, as though my life was a nation whose citizens were ruined Residents called Shoes.
At times I wonder who voted me into power to occupy such an office whose designated official edifice was stigma hidden in mockery?
And my best guess is the guest I call the hand of the unfair complexities of life.

Well, let me be called President of Broken Shoes. I care less, because, by what I do, I have created an account in every pocket of persons who think I can only be a basket for the market, but never a rocket for space.
I’m a proud shoeshine boy, so proud to be your toy. So be reminded, that you cannot treat me like your doll.
Others in yet another town, called me the Shoe Doctor as though shoes and slippers were my patients.

And even though the motives behind these names were like plagues, I gave no room to shame but made it a platform for fame.
I developed immunity against such words spoken with impunity. However, one thing was striking.
The fact that they calling me Shoe Doctor made me realize the kind of people we have in life per the basis of the conditions of foot wears that I saw.

I mended all sorts of foot wears in all conditions.
There were times I doubted my experience and expertise upon seeing the condition of a container of the human feet. Different conditions required different methods and fetched different costs.

Such is the same with life. Hmmm! I guess my life was an interesting hospital then, a hospital that enabled me to categorize the kind of humans we have in life per their health status with respect to the conditions of the shoes I repaired.

This is something I’ll discuss yet another day.
In the last town that I roamed, I was tagged the Mender of Broken Hearted Shoes, and yet still other people called me the Messiah of Dead Foot Wears.

All these names made me think so deep, and opened my eyes about certain dimensions of life that led me, a common shoeshine boy, to measure life beyond the standard calibrations of society.


Don’t leave the yard of your life bushy, and don’t leave the garden of your person unkempt.
Keep the grass low, and save yourself some hurting venomous blows.
Keep the grass of your thoughts so low that the snakes with intellectual venom may be exposed, and killed before they cause the paralysis of the thoughts of your heart.

Keep the garden of your vision low, lest it hosts deadly snakes with venoms fatal to your dreams.
When the yard of your life is full of pride, remember that, that is how your life becomes so bushy that serpents can find for their crawling bellies some cushion.

Keep your ego to the ground level. For it is easier to unveil every hidden serpent under the covering of your ego, acting as your amigo. And remember that,
When ill thoughts fill your mind, you become like a poisonous toad that feeds snakes with venom.

And at the long round, the evil conceived in your head will be the reason your heart will stop beating. Keep the grasses in your mental gardens low.
So much anger makes your life grow bushy, and so much folly makes it even bushier. But be reminded that, in every form of anger lies a potential danger of self-destruction.
So, I do again say, keep the grass low.

Greed makes your life bushy, envy makes your life even bushier, and lies make your life bushiest. What more could be a better home for the devil: the old serpent,
if not being given free accommodation in a house he as a tenant pays no bills and is charged nothing?

When your life grows bushy and graduates into a land of monster plants, nothing happens to you that is less than a jungle life.
Hear this piece of advice. For when you reject good advice you become a bad device.
When you reject the right advice you become the wrong device, and when you reject God’s advice (godly advice) you become Satan’s device.
Keep the grass low my brother, keep the grass low my sister.

The garden of friendship when left to become bushy invites snakes for a free shelter and a lasting hiding place; where the space for your legs, may be the space for a snake’s head.
Therefore, keep the grass of your friendship down.

And if you are a Christian, keep the grass of worldliness and carnality down.
Lest you suffer your faith the hell of the devil’s venom. Hear me I plead, and keep the grass low. For when the grasses are kept low, our houses will host no snakes.

This piece is dedicated to OBENG OWEN… my pure bond Brother and true friend from the University of Energy and Natural Resources. We first met as roommates at the GetFund Hostel (B 12)… And it has been a long loyal FRIENDSHIP ever since… Big ups Bro✊🏽❤️👌🏾🧠💯💎🙏🏾

I REPENT🛐🛐🙏🏽🙏🏽📿📿

I repent for saying YES to me and NO to you.
For living as single in my matrimonial home I repent.

I repent for not singing your songs and for not dancing to your music.
I repent for joining Satan’s choir to sing his songs and for dancing to his music.

For denying the Naaman within the Jordan River experience I repent.
Cure my heart of leprosy, and heal my soul of hypocrisy.

For swallowing my own eyes and yet being unto others eyes and light
but without sight and in darkness I repent.
I repent for looking so bright and right although I wasn’t at all right.

For the fact that I at a point hid your light and lowered my lamp’s shine
to become so dim that the world could not see the light that redeems I repent.

I repent of the sins that you gave me power to prevent, but yet I gave to it my consent and a tent in me to rent
with no intent of taxing sin with your blood that pins it to the bin for your holiness to be my win.

I repent. I repent from disbelief and doubt, I repent.
From disobedience and distrust, I repent.
In repenting I pray, that I be by you enabled to be able to live in the pragmatic sense,
that penned sayings of the Apostle Paul that reads,
“From henceforth let no man trouble me: for I bear in my body the marks of the Lord Jesus”- Galatians 6:17.

This also I ask as in repentance I do repent,
that you grant me pardon for declaring delicious rotten meals that were unrighteous.

And forgive me Lord – for repenting so late at all the chances set for me to repent
on an early date on a plate of mercy and per the twin covenant with my twin destiny.

I repent of all desires that are not focused on you: my Messiah.
I ask for strength to contend with myself to contain and grow your Holy Self, planted in me.

I empty my contents for all there is and there ever will be in you.
I repent Lord, I repent my Saviour. So, help me God.

A DATE ❤️WITH WISDOM✍🏾 (PART 2~~The Drums I Played)🧠🧠💯💯

Tying your brains to foolishness is like gay marriage, no biological child to carry your own genes and names can ever come out of it.
Therefore, choose wisdom and intelligence. Tie your heart and mind to wisdom, and give your brains over to intelligence.

Whichever way, the gender will have a sexual balance, and your life will be blessed with the birth of many children: intelligent crowns of success, males and females of wealth,
crowns of wisdom that pulls prosperity, children of solutions to societal burdens, and children with adulthood weaved into their beings to heal sick systems.

These were the words of my Pretty lover- Lady Wisdom, as I picked her up for our second date dubbed, “The Drums I Played”. We got to our selected joint full of echoes of beauty.
Our love chat began right away as we sat to dine and wine till we were fine and the chance shown to make her mine. We made some orders, and set the ball rolling.

Life is a drum, said my new lover. As she smiled with such radiance.
The way and manner an individual lives it, are as actual drumming hands holding drumming sticks, hitting on the face of life-a drum,
to produce a peculiar sound or tune in life with respect to the intensity and style of play.

The intensity of the sound, the variations in the sound, thus, its rhythm, the uniqueness of the melody of the sound, and the beauty of the sound all comes down to whom an individual live for,
what he lives for, the things he lives for, and how he lives for those things or unto those beings.

I started to ponder whether this wonder woman will not tear me apart with her wisdom should I propose, and she agrees. Honestly, her wisdom was my greatest fear.
Life is music. Life is a song. She proceeded by beating the drums of unique intelligence, that made my brains dance “Adowa” in my head.
How I wish all knew this undisputable and absolute fact. How intense doeth I pray that every individual will have ‘the sound of the life drum ear sensor’.

Life is a talking drum. Every hit produces a sound. The sound establishes a world of beats which are pronouncements of two things: blessings and curses.
This talking drum reveals your most silenced secrets and silent deeds. It turns the huge stones you throw into your waters, large floating attention attracting balloons.

Life tells the public two things: what you make them believe, and what they actually are to believe. And that is whether or not you tell them.
At his point, my heart was beating faster: I had fallen deeply in love. I started to lick my mouth, not because the food was delicious, but my lips longed for a kiss.
Someone can relate: Hahahaa, it isn’t a lady human though; but Lady Wisdom.

Life is best when it knows its source. And it becomes a resource if it is stuck to or adheres to its source, she added.
Life is a speaker of muted situations and silenced sounds man intends keeping silent. At this moment, I broke my silence and said, then I’ll speak for myself, and not wait for life to speak for me.

I created this scene that made her mellow like a little fellow, and proposed. She in tears agreed, and I in cheers kissed her a thank you. The rest of our date was history, and a story left to be played in your imagination.
I then realized that I also had played a drum that said, “Wisdom rules, but Love Conquers”.

A DATE 💙💛WITH WISDOM🧠👌🏾 (PART 1~~Bells Of My Person)🧠💯

One day, I went on a date with wisdom. Our date was in two parts: for the first part we coined for it the name, “bells of my person”, and the second, “the drums I played”.
I guess you are conjecturing what these names could mean in our date, and how our date went and probably ended already.

Then, follow me, as I inscribe the words of wisdom, as she rang the bells of her person, having done my already.
“Knowledge never come in whole numbers, but as numerical fractions. Therefore, applying such fractional knowledge cannot yield a whole number effect”, said wisdom, as I lifted my glass of wine, and we both cheered to a planned lasting relationship.

Her beauty had me gazing at her face as her amazing blazing smile tied my ears to her mouth. She however kept her focus and forged ahead, ringing the bells of her person.
“Wisdom is not the absence of foolishness, but the refusal to foolishness. And foolishness is not the absence of wisdom, but the refusal to wisdom”.

She cleared her throat, took a sip, and posed to me a question about what I have learnt in a pragmatic sense per her last statement. I boldly replied her in this manner:
I have come to know that, the wisest man is not immune to errors. And the most intelligent, is not without mistakes.

I have also realized that, the smartest is not beyond being outsmarted. And that the strongest is not beyond the assistance of the weakest, neither is the master beyond the service of the servant.
She was impressed with my retort, and added that, “the fastest, will surely need the service and company of the slowest too”.

I was startled at the gravity of her sagacity, dumbfounded at the enormity and intensity of her mentality that rained from her buccal cavity: oh! she indeed had such a great personality.
I said to myself, this sparkling dazzling sweet ornamental daisy lady was of a certainty my destiny made wife with zero fatality and no brutality.

I then whispered to her quietly saying, go ahead, tintinnabulate the bells of your person, and feed my male person. She winked at me, and proceeded further.
It is wise to think about the future, but it is wiser to plan towards the future, and it is wisest to plant for the future.

Stunned at these words, I wondered if I have planned and planted for the future I wanted so badly with her.
“Hmmm! Love indeed is a career on its own. It’s a business that responds mainly to hardwork, sacrifice and commitment in the circumference of purpose by plan”- I said to myself.

Her voice kept pouring the rich contents of her person like the skies spread the earth with its liquid bread.
She went on to mesmerize me with the melodies that echoed from the bells of her person. At this point, we both had finished with our drinks, ordered for some plates of local dishes that we ate to our fill.

After some features of love gestures and personal relationship cultures, the Pretty Lady- Wisdom, was seeking for an unending date, but my calendar’s compass pointed me to home.
Her ending sentences were, “the trade commodity in the business world of marriage is the wisdom in word, and wisdom in work”.

Having been soaked with my love personality, jealousy as of security brought out of her mouth these judicious words concerning company.
Many great dreams fail because men with great potentials gambled with their opportunities to rise, excel and make it in the company of wrong people.

The company we keep is as important as a conducive environment is unto a living organism. And an unhealthy company collapses dreams and suffocates the life out of the future we yearn to see”, she uttered, as we left the chosen spot for our date in phase one.


Never rest, darling friend never rest.
Until the worst is turned into the best, may we never rest.
Until the pests are put to extinction in our farms, may we never rest.

Never rest, my trusted friend, never rest.
Never rest, because the world is never asleep.

Never rest because time takes no rest.
Never rest my dear, for there is a kind of rest that breeds unrest.
While we give sleep to our eyes, let are fingers be awake.

While we give rest to our bodies, may our spirits be awake.
And while we call for some rest, may we call our visions to work.
Never rest beautiful partner, never rest.

For even a sleeping body is more of a working machine than a dormant organism.
And sleep is a work of recovery of energy by natural manual mechanisms,

not a rest where energy comes from nowhere into the body with no work.
So I say, never rest brother, never rest.

Never rest, because none passes the test of time in rest
Never rest while the worst reigns in places the best should reign.
Never give money rest while it cries out the word “invest”.

Never rest while destiny calls you from behind saying, reverse.
Never rest while knowledge stands far away leaving you with no concrete option but a guess.

Never rest fella, never rest sister.
Until your visions and plans are fully expressed, and poverty has been beyond
it’s elastic limit fully stretched:

where wealth can now be fully fetched; I advise, never rest.
The world is so cruel, taking this path of rest is in essence being its fuel

And this life will be so crooked, if you rest my precious jewel.
So again I say, never rest family, never rest.

Life is in progress, rest is a process not an event, get that, or the world will retrogress,
though it may seem it’s moving. For the last time I say, never rest dear reader, never rest.